Monday, 5 October 2009

Sloe Rum

Yesterday Lucy and I went to her mum's friend's fields near Carrick as we were kindly given permission to pick cooking apples and blackberries. We also happened to find sloes growing in the hedgerow so we picked a container full although we had no clue what we would do with them. After some research on tinternet last night I found a recipe for Sloe Vodka but I didn't have any instead because I had a hughe bottle of white rum in the cupboard I decided to make some Sloe Rum. The recipe is from this great site please visit it:

Sloe Rum

Pick sloes, wash and dry them (so as not to dilute the alcohol)- 445g

Use a cocktail stick to prick each fruit so juice can exit into the alcohol

Add sugar in the fruit- 112g

Add alcohol in my case rum! - 1 litre

Shake, this needs to be done one a day for 1 week then weekly for 3 months

Keep in dry dark place for 3 mths then strain the fruit off and put liquid into a clean bottle. Allow to ferment or just drink it straight away! You can add sugar to taste at this point.


  1. I'm looking forward to tasting the finished product...very much enjoyed the tip to dry the fruit so that the alcohol is not diluted, must remember that one!!

    Loving this blog...any ideas for a vegetarian Christmas dinner or treats are very welcome!

  2. So this will be ready just in time for the wedding then??! L x